You be You!


When it comes to coloring & expressing yourself in life- it’s okay to color outside of the lines. Whether it is because in life we can not help but make boo boos! or because you just want to be YOU! Don’t let your inner chatter defeat you.  Color with abandon!

YOU be YOU!  

After all we are all unique!  So be who you were created to be! 

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Isn’t it fun to jump in to the waters of silliness and whimsy?  Who knows what we can discover in these unchartered waters?  

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As an Illustrator/Author I hope to immerse myself in my Imagination & then share my discoveries & ideas with others.  

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Down the Bathtub Drain” 

by Rita Sanders-Baughman  is a delightful children’s book full of mischief & adventure with adorable characters & important life lessons.           

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