About the Author

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I’m a wanna be kid. With a love for color and whimsy in life! I believe that it is important to find joy in life!  & One  of the truest paths to joy is to do what you love and share it with others.  
Thanks for this opportunity to be a small part of your world!  

Gran-Mamacita Rita



Who am I?

This is such a good question.  I ask myself this very question often. In fact, sometimes I drive myself crazy with my introspection, especially since in different seasons of my life the answer can vary.  But some things remain the same.  I am a daughter of the most high King and I am dearly loved!   I am the widow of a man that has brought me so much joy!  The mother of three wonderful children & their excellent spouses.  & the Gran-Mamacita of eight precious grandchildren.  I am a sister, an aunt, & a friend!  I am a truly fortunate person! & this brings me so much Joy!



It has always been my desire to bring my “Winsomes” to life, so in this season I hope to be an Author & an Illustrator!  



My World


I believe that GOD gives special gifts to each one of us as HIS beloved creations.  I like to think that HE has given to me a “world of whimsy” just waiting for me to discover it.  I am hoping to bring this world to you!

Bipsy, Tipsy & Turvy


Hello Friends!  Welcome to the world of “Winsomes” where anything is possible.

Even unicorn seahorses!  Introducing our friends Bipsy, Tipsy & Turvy!! →