♥ Keep it Real!

One of the truly amazing gifts that we are given from our Creator God is the “gift of Imagination!”  What an opportunity it gives us to rise up & soar up into the highest places, allowing our deeper selves to explore new ideas in a safe environment within our soul.  To contemplate greater ideas at length and see life from a new perspective all the while permitting us the security of net below.  The net of pondering without disclosure.

♥  Imagination!

What an amazing gift it is. It can transport us to worlds of whimsy!

I am a “wanna-be” kid; attempting to hang on to the wonderful world of “Imagination”. I truly believe that Imagination is a gift from GOD. When we are able to create ‘Worlds of our Own’ full of whimsy and fun, we can participate with HIM, albeit in a small way in HIS creativity because all “good and perfect gifts” come down from HIM. We are “made in HIS likeness” and He is the Great Creator